Complete Dairy Systems

Maintain feed intake and milk production levels in the heat of summer with AP’s wide selection of quality ventilation systems. Our product line includes fans ranging from 8″ up to 50″ diameter that can be installed in any new or existing facility. With a wide variety of models and configurationsto choose

Our fiberglass fans feature a rugged prop constructed of composite fiberglass warranted for a lifetime.

Our fiberglass fans feature a rugged
prop constructed of composite
fiberglass warranted for a lifetime.

Available in 8″ up to 50″ diameters, AP’s fiberglass ventilation fans are constructed to last for the life of your building. The fan’s fiberglass housing is manufactured using a “Resin Transfer Molding” (RTM) process for a smooth surface on the interior and exterior. Slanted wall housings feature a “swept” design, funneling air smoothly through the fan for maximum efficiency. The motor mount and internal framework of the fan is constructed of corrosion resistant, heavy gauge aluminum and assembled with stainless steel hardware.

P’s 36″ and 50″ galvanized steel belt drive and direct drive exhaust fans offer the right combination of performance, efficiency and economy for any dairy facility. These fans are constructed of heavy gauge, G-90 grade galvanized steel to provide years of trouble free service. AP’s galvanized fans are equipped with totally enclosed, high efficiency motors mated to galvanized, aerodynamically balanced propellers. Other options include a performance boosting discharge cone and PVC, epoxy coated galvanized, or aluminum back draft shutters.

AP fan shutters are available in either
aluminum, epoxy coated galvanized, or
PVC plastic.

Tunnel ventilation systems from AP provide a reliable, comfortable and consistent airflow through your building at all times in any weather conditions. AP can design a tunnel ventilation system for Your specific needs and answer
your questions regarding building design and energy consumption.

All AP belt drive exhaust and circulation fans include a spring loaded belt tensioner as standard equipment.

AP Box fans feature heavy duty galvanized steel housings,
venturis and propellers for years of reliable service.
Box fans are available in either direct or belt
drive models, 36″ or 50″ in diameter.

The BSK364 circulation fan features a corrosion proof, polypropylene orifice ring which allows you to direct the airflow of the fan where you want it. This versatile fan can be suspended from cables or mounted directly to a ceiling, wall or support column using one of the optional mounting brackets. For additional cooling, an optional fogging kit (shown above) delivers a fine
mist of water directly into the air stream of the fan. Fogging kits can lower the air temperature as much as twenty degrees by using the natural cooling effect of evaporation. Fogging kits are available for all sizes of circulation fans.

AP’s BSK24HD 1/2HP Circulation Fan Blows Away the Competition

The 24″ basket fan delivers a high volume of air from a compact source.
These fans are available in a 112 hp model designed for maximum performance or a variable speed ‘ll3 hp model designed for gentle air mixing.

Heating Cooling Systems

Protect the health of your herd with AP’s cooling and heating systems. A combination of durable and dependable equipment and the wide variety of versatile environmental controls, give you the edge to achieve maximum production. Our system design pro’ fessionals will work with you to design a system
that best suits your Particular application.

The right combination of components carefully matched to achieve optimum efficiency and performance.

Milking parlors are the ideal application for AP’s Re-Verber-Ray lnfrared Heaters. Heat can be directed where you need it keeping pit areas warm and dry without unwanted heat on the animals’ Heaters are available in a variety of single and two stage models with several lengths and BTU ratings to adapt to any parlor configuration.

lnfrared heat emulates the true efficiency of the sun’ Heat is directed where you want it and absorbed by objects such as a concrete floor This heat is then reradiated by the object, heating the surrounding area by convection.

These heavy-duty heaters Provide a consistent, clean burning and fuel efficient source of heat. Choose from two models: the C80 variable output
(40,000 to 80,000 BTU/hr) and the C225 variable output (140,000 to 225,000 BTU/hr) unit. Each heater is LP or natural gas compatible and can
be mounted inside or outside of the facility.

Purafire heaters, including components, are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a one year period from the date of installation.

Microprocessor based environmental controls provide precise climate control and monitoring throughout your livestock facility. AP’s ventilation controls are
sophisticated yet simple to operate providing integrated control of all ventilation system components including fans, curtain actuators, cooling and heating systems.
These controllers can also be linked to a computer system for facility alarm and remote monitoring capabilities via telephone modem’

Komfort Kooler systems utilize the natural cooling effect of evaporation to combat seasonal dips
in production caused by heat stress. Efficient cellular water media can achieve temperature
reductions up to 20 degrees depending on temperature and humidity conditions. Komfort
Kooler systems can be adapted to most new and existing production facilities. AP can assist you in
correct sizing and placement and give you a realistic expectation of the effectiveness of evaporative cooling in your climate.

APs pre-formed square trough serves as a three gallon per lineal foot water reservoir. Constructed of corrosion
proof, ultra-violet stabilized PVC components, the trough allows unevaporated water to be recirculated
back to the holding tank. A perforated tray snaps to the trough to hold pads firmly in place. Injection molded end caps and couplers speed installation.

The distribution system is extruded from ultraviolet stabilized PVC and is easy to install and service. The hinge-open cover holds pads firmly in place. A spray bar bracket and water deflector insure pads are uniformly wet.

A roto-molded holding tank offers increased water storage capacity. The submersible pump with low level safety switch keeps water levels consistent for efficient water delivery. Unevaporated water flows back to the holding tank to be re-circulated and a float level and port automatically add water as required.

Choose between two models of automated curtain controllers to maintain precise control of the environment in naturally ventilated buildings. The Auto-Curtain control winches a cable around drum to raise and lower the curtain. The Curtain Controller utilizes a threaded drive block and drive screw directly coupled to a heavy-duty, direct drive gear motor to actuate the curtain. Both models are controlled by a thermostat and timer and are available in a variety of curtain travel speeds.

Feed Delivery And Storage Systems

In addition to complete dairy facility climate control, AP offers quality feed delivery and storage systems.

40″ roofs provide additional
$rength and capacity. ($rown
with optional pneumaticfill kit.)

AP’s patented’Auto-Lock”
lid system allows the bin to
be opened, closed and
locked from the ground.
The lid swings open a full
1 80 degrees eliminating
interference with fill augers.

*Capacities for 6′-9′ (1.8m-2.7m) diameter tanks are calculated at 40 lbs. percubic foot with no compaction and to full cubic foot capacities. Capacities for
12′-15′ (3.66m-4.57m) diameter tanks are calculated at 45lbs. per cubic foot with 5% compaction and a 27 degree angle repose. 6′, 7′ and 9′ (1.83m, 2.1 3m and 7m) diameter tanks are designed for the storage of free-flowing material having a density of no more than 40 lbs. per cubic foot. 12′ and  5′ (3.66m and 4.57m) diameter tanks are designed for the storage of free-flowing material having a density of no more than 45 lbs. per cubic foot. Experience has proven that many bulk feed materials have unpredictable storage characteristics. it is absolutely necessary to install an appropriate AP agitator in feed tanks storing soybean meal, cotton seed meal, hot feeds and other products not considered as free-flowing materials

AP bulk feed tanks are available in capacities ranging from 3 to 85 tons in a variety of diameters, heights and hopper slopes. These feed bins are precision manufactured in our facility from high quality galvanized steel to assemble easily and seal tight.

AP feed bins feature a standard 16″ outlet collar that adapts to our durable 30 degree or straight out polypropylene boot. Unloaders are available to adapt to rigid or Flex-Flo  augers in a variety of configurations including single out, twin out, and through unloaders.

AP’s drip lip water deflection system forces water away from the hopper and auger boot area.

pneumatic fill kits allow air delivery of feed into the bin. These kits feature prepunched,
extruded lip roof panels to insure secure moisture proof seals.

Designed to fit below an optional 22″ Maxi-Flo boot,
AP’s rotary unloaders are available for 2.2″ (55mm),
3″ (75mm), 3.5″ (90mm), and 5″ (125mm) Flex-Flo'”
or 4″, 6″ and 8″ rigid augers.

AP’s clear boot allows producers to verify at a glance
while driving by that feed is present in the bin. This heavy
walled boot is injected molded from a specially formulated
ultraviolet stabilized clear polycarbonate blend to pr:ovide
years of trouble free Servtce.

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With AP’s Chain Disk feed system, feed is gently conveyed “en masse” decreasing feed particle separation and damage to expensive pelleted feeds. The control panel max run timer constantly monitors the system
run time shutting down the feed system in the event that the bin runs empty or a costly feed spill is occurring. The current sensor feature monitors the amp
draw of the Chain Disk drive motor temporarily shutting down the incoming fill line if it senses that the system is overloaded. As the Chain Disk continues to
run, the system empties gradually decreasing the amp draw and restarting the fill line.

*For high moisture corn, reduce system length by 50%.

AP Flex-Flo systems are available in five different models with capacities ranging from 15 to 220 pounds per minute. Feed is conveyed efficiently and quietly through a corrosion proof PVC plastic tube by a unique coreless auger flighting that conveys material up inclines and around corners. Power is (s”/12smm) provided by a completely enclosed fan cooled motor, direct coupled to a heavy-duty speed reducer drive. A number of accessories are available including feed
level sensors, timers, manual and air actuated outlet drops and adjustable volumetric feed drops.

Chain Disk feed systems use a high tensile chain with molded nylon disks to convey up to one thousand feet at 35 lbs. per minute through tight radius corners using a single drive unit.

Two models of volumetric feed drops are available with capacities ranging from 1.5 to 12 pounds. These feeders can be operated manually or fully automated using a time clock.

The Kwik-Attach drop klt is quick and easy to install and attaches securely to avoid feed spills. lt allows complete cleanout of feed and can be adapted with actuators for remote operation.

Air Inlet Systems

The use of circulation fans alone in parlors and holding areas can only
provide movement of warm moisture laden air without any introduction
or exchange of fresh air. AP’s Chimney ventilator delivers a high volume
of fresh clean air directly onto the cows for maximum comfort.
chimney ventilation packages from AP convert a standard galvanized
box fan into a chimney ventilator designed specifically for ventilating
milking parlors and holding areas. These insulated, pre-fabricated chimneys
are easily extended to adapt to any building design. A durable
fiberglass cupola keeps rain and snow from entering the chimney’ The
chute of the chimney is constructed of foam panels laminated on both
sides with bright white, ultra-violet resistant PVC plastic placed in an
easily assembled, pre-fabricated, aluminum frame.

Chimney ventilators can double as exhaust chimneys-in naturally ventilated holding areas.
An optinal insulated damper system closes off the chimney to prevent cold air from entering the parlor. A variable speed minimum ventilation fan kit can be added to control humidty and maintain air quality
Chimney Ventilators installation inside a holding area.
When the temperature rises, the chimney ventilator delivers fresh outside air directly onto the cows.
The dampers open automatically when the fan is operated deflecting the air towards the cows.
The hinge open fiberglass top provides easY access to the fan for maintenance.

For the controlled introduction of fresh air into a livestock environment, AP can
also provide quality power shutters, negative pressure counter weighted inlets
and fully automated baffle type inlets.