AP’s Bulk Feed Tanks perfectly illustrate the attention to detail that quality demands. Every stage of the forming process, from corrugation to die-cut shaping to precision finishing, is controlled at our own facilities to assure quality is maintained.

The upper eave, where the hopper is joined to the sidewall, is specially die-formed to conform to the shape of the sidewall corrugation. Most other manufacturers depend on crimping and bolt pressure to force the connection which produces corrosion-prone distortion and dimpling of the sidewall.

Assembly with rounded, truss-head bolts reduces content bridging.

A unique, non-interfering safety rail and fully die-formed, section ladder comfortable access. provide solid, sideladder provide solid.

Hopper Collar
The hopper collar is a critical component of the Bulk Feed Tank. 30% stronger than the industry standard 14 gauge collar.

Ladder rungs are dimpled for better footing in inclement weather. Additional security when ascending or descending the tank.

AP’s feed tank bin lid is easily opened
and closed from the ground using a
simple pull chain system.

Reinforced rubber bumper provides protection to peak ring.

An internal magnet adds additional
holding power to keep the lid closed.

Optional Snow Guard helps deter blowing snow
from entering the tank.

Roof panels are precision manufactured using die-form tooling to provide
consistent quality. Both 30° and 40° roofs feature reinforcing ribs at each roof
seam for added strength and rigidity.


AP offers several boot styles including straight drop, 30°, and double boot models. All are chemically blended with specially formulated ultraviolet inhibitors and impact modifiers to enhance durability and resilience. AP’s translucent boot models provide an easy visual of bin feed levels. In addition, AP unloaders are available for 2.2” (55mm), 3” (75mm), 3.5” (90mm) and 5” (125mm) Flex Flo™ or 4” and 6” rigid auger systems.

Straight Drop Boot
30° Drop Boot


Monitor feed usage, track feed levels, and receive
automatic notifications from the EDGE Bin Scale
system. Its cloud-based architecture allows
remote connections via any web-enabled device,
giving you the ability to analyze data in real-time
and respond quickly to any issue.


The rugged load cell assemblies are specifically designed for the harsh environment of a hog facility and adapt easily to most feed bins utilizing the existing anchor bolts. Two models of load cells are available; a standard unit for up to 5,000 lbs. (2,250 kg.) per bin leg and a high-capacity model rated at up to 10,000 lbs. (4,500 kg.) per bin leg. The
compact design of the load cell assemblies increases the overall height of the feed bin only by approximately three inches (eight centimeters).


An available option for 16” to 22” hoppers, Sure-Flo directs feed down the hopper of the bin rather than down the center creating a first in, first out feed flow. The gentle movement of the heavy-duty molded cone enhances flow as feed passes over it.  The Sure-Flo support bracket easily bolts to the hopper collar of new or existing feed bins.


Feed bridging is more common as feed rations change due to fluctuating input costs and the use of alternative feed stuffs to lower cost and gain feed efficiency. The Flow
Hammer is a reliable and affordable solution that easily adapts to most existing feed bins. This patent pending product aids in the prevention of out-of-feed events in all
phases of swine production.

The Flow Hammer’s low frequency / high impact design
promotes feed flow without damaging your feed bin or voiding
its warranty.

Improve your efficiency with AP’s selection of dependable feed storage, feed management and feed delivery systems.

View Windows

Save yourself a trip up and
down the feed tank ladder
with AP’s optional view
windows in either a sidewall or
hopper panel mount. Feed
levels inside the tank can be
quickly and easily monitored
at a glance.

Rigid Augers

Rigid 4”, 6”, and 8” augers are
available to meet your specific
capacity requirements. AP 8”
and larger rigid augers are
equipped with exclusive
Dura-Edge™ flighting that
30% longer than lasts regular


AP’s Flex-Flo™ feed delivery
system adapts to a variety of
configurations and capacities
to meet your particular feed
delivery requirements.


Exclusive pre-punched,extruded
lip roof panels for the optional
pneumatic fill-kit eliminate the
inconvenience of field- cutting fill
and exhaust tube openings,
and ensuring moisture-proof

Bulk Feed Tank Models:



AP’s Flex-Flo™ feed delivery system adapts to a variety of configurations and capacities to meet today’s
demanding production requirements. Both tubing and augers are available in a variety of models to fit your
specific requirements. Whether its ground feed, mash, high moisture corn, shelled corn or pellets, AP offers
many flexible options for reliable feed delivery.

AP’s polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tubing
is extruded in our own facility to
exacting standards and under our
own quality control. Blended PVC
allows us to formulate the optimum
compound for UV stabilization,
strength, and wear resistance.

AP augers are coiled in-house from
high tensile steel for consistent
quality and strength. AP uses wire
which is flattened prior to hardening
which provides better resistance to
distortion and an all around
stronger product.

For moving feed up and around
corners, AP Flex-Flo™ elbows are
specially formed with increased wall
thickness on the inside of the elbow
for added strength and wear



Heavy-duty ball bearing anchor & bearing assemblies increase service life and reduce maintenance. All unloaders have a slide gate above the auger to shut feed off and a side inspection door. AP unloaders are available for 2.2” (55mm), 3” (75mm), 3.5” (90mm) and 5”(125mm) Flex Flo or 4” and 6” rigid auger systems.

Multiple outlet requirements can be easily handled by our 22” (559mm) all metal
boot. This boot, which can be fitted to any AP feed bin, will allow installation of up to
four feed lines in several directions at once.

AP’s selection of power units and extension hoppers adds powerful performance and added flexibility to the Flex-Flo feed delivery system.

Direct Drive Unit

Belt Drive Unit


The Flex-Flo™ auger is driven by a 1/3 to 1-1/2 h enclosed, fan cooled motor at a standard 358 RPM (other speeds available for special applications). Whether direct or belt driven, the drive system includes an easily accessible maintenance port,
a safety back up switch and visible light warning of back ups in the feed line, and automatic thermal shut-off switch.


Fextend the ovehoppers can be installed at 90° fmaor applications ke turns and
extend Flex-Flo Augers without using elbows.rall length of the Flex-Flo system.
Extension requiring distances over the maximum to rom the original auger to

Easy to install and maintain, AP drop kits
are a secure and efficient solution.

AP’s original drop kit is available for all Flex-Flo
Systems providing a to tally enclosed outlet drop.


The Kwik-Attach drop kit is easy to install and attaches
securely to avoid feed spills. This kit allows for complete clean out of feed and can be adapted with actuator for remote operations



• Dependable feed delivery systems control
• Utilizes proprietary sensing technology
• Fixed 30 second motor delay for electronic safety switch
• Operating status indicated via Bi-Color LED
• Controls single phase or three phase motors
• Auger relay (Max 25 Amp load) rated for 1-1/2 HP Flex-Flo motors
• Improved wiring connections with only one wire per terminal
• Additional contactor included for feed monitoring
• 240 volt, 50 Hz or 60Hz

Clear access door for quick and easy visual inspection.
Tube Anchors are available for Flex-Flo™ 220, 300, 350 and 500 models



AP’s PVC planking can be easily adapted for a variety of uses including actuated ventilation applications.


Versatile and cost effective PVC plank
can be adapted to replace conventional
building materials in many livestock
confinement applications. PVC is
corrosion free and power wash friendly
for easy maintenance.


From farrow to finishing, AP’s PVC
planking is available in formats for all
confinement applications: penning,
gating, and inner divider walls. PVC
fencing is available for animals from
30 to 120 lbs.


PVC is lightweight and weather resistant making it an excellent material for actuated ventilation and insulation applications.


Chain Disk feed delivery systems have the exibility to adapt to all types of
swine production facilities and the ability to overcome the performance and
reliability constraints of other systems.

automated operation

Chain Disk is ideally suited to delivering feed to multiple farrowing rooms, individual sow stalls, electronic sow
feed systems and the high volume demands of large finishing facilities.

The gentle conveying method limits damage to expensive pelleted rations and prevents particle separation in ground
feed rations.

Chain Disk’s rugged design, quality components and unique
control system enable it to outperform the competition in capacity, distance and durability.

Chain Disk drive units are
constructed of corrosion
resistant 304 stainless steel and feature heavy duty, high efficiency, helical bevel gearboxes. High efficiency means more torque with less
horsepower decreasing
operating cost without
sacrificing performance.

Chain Disk drive units
feature an automatic chain tensioning system to reduce maintenance and a safety shut off switch to shut down the system if it becomes plugged by a foreign object.

Clear corner housings provide visual confirmation the system
is operating properly at all
times. The patent pending
pivoting wiper insures that feed does not accumulate in the center of the corner housing.
Special corner units are
available for inclined or vertical installation.


Chain Disk is available with three styles of conveyor tubes to meet the requirements of every application.
• PVC Tube – Corrosion free and quick and easy to install, ideal for farrowing and other low volume applications
• Welded Steel Tube – Ideal for high volume applications like finishing and electronic sow feeding
• Welded Steel Tube w/ Pre-Cut Holes – High volume performance with the addec convenience of pre-cut holes to reduce installation time. Hole spacing is available in 18”,
19”,20”, 22”, 23” and 24”

  • PVC Tube
    Welded Steel
    Welded Steel
    Tube w/ Pre-Cut Holes

AP’s Flex-Flo™ flexible auger feed delivery system delivers a continuously metered flow of feed from the bin to the Chain Disk system.

* Effective capacity will decrease as system length increases, effective capacity at maximum length is reduced by approximately 40%
** Maximum system length will decrease by 25 ft. (8 M) for each additional corner that is added. Up to twenty-four corners can be used.


A tube mounted sensor will shut down the system when feed returns to the inlet hopper indicating that all feeders have been filled. Chain
Disk’s sensor design eliminates the challenges caused by empty farrowing or nursery rooms and eliminates the task of correctly
position gestation facilities to keep the feed sows in your breeding and system operating correctly.


Durable, low friction nylon disks injection molded onto hardened steel chain provide
years of trouble free service eliminating the maintenance and down time associated with


The Chain Disk Controller enables the feeding system to be programmed to operate how and when you want and constantly monitors the system to insure proper operation. Drive unit motor current is constantly monitored to insure that
the system is not over loaded. When amp draw spikes, the Flex-Flo fill system is temporarily shut down by theontroller until the drive unit motor amp draw decreases and normal operation resumes. A programmable maximum run timer will
shut down the Chain Disk and the Flex-Flo systems if the system uncontinuously for an excessive amount of time indicating that a bin is empty or a costly feed spill is occurring.


More Feeders, More Options

From nursery to finish, AP offers many feeders and options to support the ever-growing needs
of modern pork production facilities.


AP finishing and wean-to-finish feeders are available with features and option designed to meet the specifications and expectations of modern pork production
systems. Manufactured using corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel and welded construction, these feeders are engineered for durability, ease of cleaning, simple
management and superior feed conversion performance.




AP Nursery Feeders are ideal for introducing weaned pigs to dry feed. These feeders feature welded construction, corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel, hemmed edges and AP’s patented Quick Adjust feeder adjustment system for quick, easy and precise control of feed gate adjustment.

Standard on all AP nursery
prevent pigs from becoming
lodged in the feeder
Can be added to secure the fill
system tube

Easy Does It

Keeping it simple and convenient for the user and the animal has advantages in cost savings and reduced stress. From easy feed gate adjustments to easy access designs, AP feeders are an easy choice.


AP’s patented* Quick-Adjust indexed feeder adjustment system requires only two adjusters per feeder, providing quick, accurate and consistent control of feed gate settings. Quick-Adjust feeders can be easily adjusted from the aisle of your finisher or nursery in half the time of competitor feeders. The indexed settings are permanently laser etched in the feeder and provide for precision feed gate adjustments of 0.075” (0.2 cm) with all types of feed.


The crank adjustment allows for quick and hassle-free feed gate positioning at all phases of growth. Threaded adjustment provides increments of change as fine as 1/32” per revolution. For single-sided feeders, there are two adjusters per feed gate or four adjusters for double-sided feeders.


Select from three options of trough dividers designed for finish or wean-to-finish applications. Wide spaced divider rods provide comfortable access for larger hogs. The “W” design prevents small pigs from becoming lodged in the feeder. The solid panel design educes aggression for uninterrupted feeding

When it comes to value, AP is commited to bringing you the
very best in product craftsmanship, reliability and industry
best performance


AP’s feed trough lip reduces feed waste and is designed for added strength and easy cleaning.


AP feeders feature corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel and welded construction for lasting durability.


All exposed edges on the feeders are
hemmed for additional safety and strength.

Finishing & Wean-to-Finish feeders feature convenient, welded in drop tube holders to secure the feed delivery tube and provide additional feeder strength.

AP feeders with rod style dividers feature AP’s thru-rod design. This design utilizes stainless steel divider rods that pass through the feeder
unparalleled strength and rigidity.


Efficient, Flexible and Proven

To meet the needs of the modern pork producer, you need to be able to accommodate a variety of applications with consistently reliable performance. AP’s selection of drop feeders won’t disappoint with efficient designs, flexible options, and proven dependability.


• Designed with producer input to meet the requirements of both gestating and lactating sows.
• Convenient knob adjustment.
• Balanced design insures that the feeder hangs straight and maintains accuracy.
• Individual slide shut-off.
• Translucent body allows visual confirmation of feed level.
• Weighted ball valve securely closes the feeder and insures feed flow when emptying.
• All plastic construction with stainless steel hardware.


• Optimize sow herd performance by maximizing feed intake with the AP INTāK Ad- 
   Lib lactation feeding system.
• Fresh feed available to sows 24/7
• Decrease feed waste and the time spent removing stale feed
• Indexed adjustment system adapts to a variety of feed types
•Designed for quick and simple cleaning
• Adaptable to most existing farrowing crate feeders


The INTāK dispenser provides reliable feed flow 24 hours a day delivering a regulated amount of fresh feed with each actuation

The easy set indexed adjustment system can be used to adapt the dispenser to a wide range of feed types and sows. The INTāK dispenser’s patented* design decreases feed waste and labor costs associated with hand feeding and stale feed removal.

Pig Farming_310718_FA5

INTāK dispensers are easily adapted to most farrowing crates and can be retrofitted to existing stainless steel feeders. Dispensers can be hand filled using the optional
fifteen-pound hopper or filled automatically with a Chain Disk fill system.

*Patent Number 6,101,975

Farrowing Drop Feeders

Eliminate feed carts and reduce the cost of labor associated with hand feeding lactating sows with AP’s Farrowing Drop Feeders

Features Include:

• Heavy wall, clear PVC tube and stainless steel valve.
• Capacity markings on the clear feed tube provide an   easy indicator of the
  amount of feed being dropped.
• Sliding band can be moved on the tube to record the amount of feed
   previously dropped.
• Flexible coupler aids in alignment with the feeder and  permit clear access to
   the head gate.
• Spring loaded stainless steel discharge cup snaps securely into the closed
• Each feeder is equipped with an individual slide shut-off.



Durable, Efficient and Reliable

The success of the modern facility depends on many issues of which longevity, efficiency and performance of the ventilation fans are a substantial part.


AP Performer series fans are available in a
wide range of sizes, from 12” to 50” diameter,
to accommodate most ventilation
requirements. 12” to 36” diameter Performer
series fans include direct drive, variable speed
motors for efficient operation and minimal
maintenance. A lifetime warranted composite
fiber glass-blend blade won’t corrode and is
carefully balanced for maximum performance.

Shown with optional fiberglass discharge cone.
Performer Direct Drive

Unlike fans that use a smaller 48 frame motor, Performer direct drive fans include the larger 56-frame motor providing higher performance while allowing for much cooler motor temperatures on variable speed applications. Performer direct drive fan motors include a full 3 year warranty.

Performer Belt Drive

Includes heavy duty 56-frame TEAO motors, 1” drive train (allowing for larger pillow block bearings and enhanced longevity), automatic belt tensioner, and large diameter pulleys with greasable pillow block bearings to promote greater belt wrap and extended life.

Performer Series Fans Technical Data

To be a top performer in today’s marketplace, the
modern pork producer needs a competitive edge.


Available in up to 54” models, harnessed
with high efficiency motors, and capable of
moving uo to 30,000 cubic feet of air per
minute, AP’s Competitor series fans are the
airflow champions. Competitor fans are
available in 24” direct drive, variable speed
models or 54” belt drive, single-speed
models. Long lasting stainless steel props
and durable fiberglass housings make
Competitor fans a reliable choice for high
airflow applications.

Shown with optional berglass discharge cone.
Competitor Direct Drive

Direct drive Competitor series fans feature high efficiency 1/3 HP motors and durable, fiber reinforced nylon propellers. A five
bladed propeller configuration provides for optimal air output while producing minimal operational load on the motor.

Competitor Belt Drive

Includes a high performance stainless steel prop, 1.75 HP motor, 1” (allows for larger pillow block bearings enhancing longevity), automatic belt drive train tensioner, and large diameter pulleys with greasable pillow block bearings promote greater belt wrap and extended life.

Competitor Series Fans Technical Data

Features and Options

Look to AP for the finest in fans and accessories. Choose from a large selection of cost saving options to
enhance your ventilation systems.

Standard white PVC* shutter with plastic rod hinges
Heavy duty fan guards with baked-on finish
All aluminum motor mounts constructed of heavy gauge materials
Durable & aerodynamic fiber glass housing with stainless steel mounting hardware (limited lifetime warranty)
All-weather fan hoods for 14” to 24” fans save on costs and improve fan efficiency particularly in windy or cold weather conditions.
Transit tubs are available to fit 8” to 24” fans. Transit tubs are ideal for applications where pump outs are not required.
Wind deflector cones can be easily adapted to new or existing fans to improve the efficiency and performance of the total ventilation system.
Designed for the coldest weather, these insulated panels seal out even the most extreme winter conditions.
Where pump outs are required, pit transitions are available for Competitor and Performer 12” - 24” fans.
Quick-Lock kits simplify cleaning and maintenance. Stainless steel pit transitions are also available for 14” to 24” fans where pump outs are not required and sidewall curtains are necessary.
Made of durable fiberglass, AP’s optional discharge cones boost fan output by as much as 15%. The 14”-36” fiberglass cones are provided as a one-piece unit and 50” & 54” in an easy to ship and assemble 3 or 4-piece units.
Dimensions & Performance



GSI evaporative cooling systems utilize the natural cooling effect of evaporation to combat seasonal dips in production caused by heat stress. Cumberland offers two different styles of comfort cooler. The Close Top System has been an industry favorite for many years. Made of ultraviolet stabilized PVC, this system offers great durability and longevity for the poultry environment. In addition, Cumberland’s rapidly growing Open Top System is available.

Open Top Design

Made of high quality aluminum, this system will give years of dependable operation under the harshest conditions. The Open Top design allows you to see the water jets and easily check water pressure. It also offers access to the spray bar for cleaning. Pre-punched and heavy duty stainless steel components help simplify installation.

Water Troughs

GSI’s pre-formed square trough serves as a 3 gallon per lineal foot (44.8 liters per meter) water reservoirs. Constructed with corrosion proof, ultra-violet stabilized PVC components, the trough allows unevaporated water to be recirculated back to the holding tank. A perforated tray snaps to the trough to hold pads firmly in place. Injection molded end caps and couplers speed up installation.

Water Jet Pump

• All jet pump kits will be factory assembled for easy filed installation
• Our new motor is a 1HP 3PH – 50/60Hz continuous duty


GSI’s RCS Gen 2 is a combination of simplified and effective evaporative cooling system. It was developed after years of field study and test, ideal for areas with hot and dry climate. RCS Gen 2 is a reliable climate control solution, requiring minimum installation and crafted for simple supervision and maintenance. GSI only chooses cellulose pads with top quality, made of special cellulose material that provides a large surface area for high cooling capacity. Chemical impregnation protects the pads from damages influenced by outdoor weather.

Key Features:

1ft Long Water Trough Cap
Easy, convenient and flexible opening
during cleaning and servicing

Clip Type Close Top
Practical clip – retainers allow a simple and quickreplacement of the pads, saving time and labors

Perforated Pipe and Deflector
Top profile with perforated pipe and
deflector for an even distribution on
water along the pads

Slot Type Pipe Joint
Easy installation and
pipe cleaning

Design of Float Valve
This is to assure the compact design
of integrated trough and tank

Bigger Spray Pipe Design
For a better spray effect

Integrated Trough and Tank
Simplified system with huge water
capacity allows easy installation
and maximum cooling effect with
minimum hassle. 3.96 gallon per
linear foot (49.2 litterss per meter)


Gear Up to Powerful Performance

Protect the health of your investment with a properly controlled curtain system. AP’s
curtain machines deliver powerful performance and reliable operation with durable
components to withstand a rigorous environment.

Curtain Controller

AP’s Curtain Controller is a screw driven automated curtain machine with a heavy duty 15, 30 or 60 RPM motor. Multi-directional, frame mounted, header pulleys are standard.

Polyethylene pulley covers provide
additional weather protection.

A plastic water resistant junction box is
accessible from the outside of the curtain

The drive block assembly features a removable nylon insert in a heavy-duty
cast iron drive block simplifying cable/chain installation and ease of
maintenance. This design also decreases friction and provides wear characteristics
superior to conventional brass drive blocks. UHMW polyethylene guide wheels
insure smooth travel, proper alignment and stability.

Solid construction and rust
resistant materials make the
sprocket controller a reliable
workhorse year after year.

The Curtain Controller utilizes
a threaded block and drive
screw directly coupled to a
direct drive gear motor.

Isolated primary and
secondary limit switches allow for backup protection.

Latch-Out Switch
Optional latch-out switch kits, 52-0415 for current models and 52-0416 for previous red welded drive
blocks, are available. Simple to install and adjust, it can be wired normally open or closed and has a maximum load rating of 10 amps / 240 volts. A 36” Curtain Controller (#CC3630-W) is available with the latch-out switch included.

Increase your productivity and efficiency by automating the dropping of your feed system with AP’s DF series. Utilizing a roller chain or cable installation,
the DF series has the same durability and dependability as our standard curtain controller.

Curtain Machine Specifications

Curtain Controller Dimensions


Precision Control

AP offers the professional producer precise control and monitoring of environment, feeding and
watering. Choose among several controllers built to save you time and money


When it comes to dependable management of your swine production operation, trust the


• Zoning of heaters, inlets and circulation fans with up to eight inside temperature
• Power save feature allows smaller less efficiency fans to be switched off as the
  temperature rises
• Air inlet, chimney and curtain outputs use timer logic based staging
• Set point and minimum ventilation curves
• Flash drive is used to duplicate programming of multiple controls (Series II
   is not USB, it uses Config 300)
• Seamless ventilation steps between stages when using variable speed fans
• Up to two timed outputs for feed systems, water or lights
• Separate day/night set points and minimum ventilation settings
• Overload and over voltage protection
• Full speed start-up on variable fan stages
• Records heater run-time up to 75 days
• Records run-time of up to four feed systems for up to 75 days
• Records high and low temperature history for up to seven days
• Records animal count, age and mortality
• Alarm that monitors up to ten functions; 16 are monitored in the Series II and 11
   in VT110
• Clean mode with soaking stage

• Zoning of heaters, inlets and circulation fans with up to eight inside temperature
• Power save feature allows smaller less efficiency fans to be switched off as the
   temperature rises
• Air inlet, chimney and curtain outputs use timer logic based staging

Optional Features
• Humidity sensor input – Compensates heaters, min. ventilation rate based on humidity. Records 7 day humidity history.
• Static Pressure input – Compensates inlets according to static pressure. Records 7 day static pressure history.
• Outside temperature sensor with compensation
• Water meter inputs – Gives alarm in event of water spill. Records 75 day water consumption history.
• Up to two additional variable speed fan or electric heat stages using 0-10 volt outputs.
• Backup safety relay system available for added protection

Expert VT110
Expert PN110
Expert Natural
Expert VP18
TC5-ITA Inlet Controller
Sophisticated Yet Simple

AP’s TC5 Series ventilation controls are sophisticated yet simple to program and operate. These controls are designed
and manufactured for specific applications such as natural, tunnel or power/natural ventilation.


• Up to four temperature sensors averaging temperature
• High/low temperature retention
• Set point and minimum ventilation curves
• Overload and over voltage protection
• Zoned or cascading heat stages
• Alarm output
•De-icing cycle on second stage variable fans


• Humidity sensor input
• Air inlet control using TC5-ITA timed logic or PF-6 inlet position module and potentiometer


The Mini Expert line of controls offers many of the features of the Expert series of controls at a price comparable to the TC5
Series. Mini Experts are ideal for farrowing and nursery rooms requiring precise control of environment.

Standard Features Include:

• Button style user interface
• Seamless ventilation steps between variable speed stages
• Internal air inlet output using timed logic staging
• Outside temperature compensation for alarm settings
• Records and displays heater run time for six days
• Input for water meter to record six days usage
• USB flash drive for duplicating and storing settings
• Day and night set points
• Overload and over voltage protection


• The HML Series power module is capable of varying the intensity of lights, heat lamps, heat mats or fans. environment.

• HML series controllers feature a rugged construction with plenty of capacity. Available in three models, the HML controller is compatible with most dimmable CFL’s (compact fluorescent lights) including

• The HML features adjustable output intensity curves. Seven light curves adjust electronic (CFL) and incandescent lamps. In addition, ten fan curves are available to optimize variable fan speed range.

• Available in automatic or manual control, the HML series controllers are easy to use, easy to install, and easy to service.

Other HML Features:
• Sunset/Sunrise built in (with clock input)
• True by-pass on Manual
• Available In 1200, 2400 and 4800 Watt capacities
• 0-10 or trig signal can be used as inputs to the module
• Mini-Experts and Experts can control the module
• Module can be used on variable fans, heat mats, or heat lamps


Peace of Mind

Agri-Alert is a complete alarm system for monitoring temperature, power, feed and watering systems,
burglary, bio security and more. The Agri-Alert alarm system constantly monitors your operation and
quickly notifies you upon the detection of common site problems or failures.


Graphical LCD screen
• View information quickly & clearly
• Intuitive screen design
• Easy navigation through menus
• Monitor up to 8 zones
• Acknowledge alarms by phone
• Call in from off site for zone temperature and system status report


• 7-inch color touch screen allows all zones to be seen at once
• Internet connectivity provides remote access, eliminating your need to go to the barn every time it notifies you
• Email and SMS notifications
• Modular architecture allows you to design a system that’s the right size for your operation
• 128 zones let you monitor a large site with a single system
• Phone dialer provides dependable delivery of alarm notification even if you don’t have internet
• Built-in security makes sure only authorized users can adjust the system
• Fully compatible AA9600 replacement

Wireless RS-485 Module

Wireless Options

Go wireless with AP’s RS-485 modules. This module can be programmed as a receiver or transmitter with a range of up to
6,500 feet*. This wireless module is typically used in combination with a main controller (AA128 Touch, or AA9600).
A secondary wireless RS-485 transmitter can be utilized to relay information from remote RS-485 modules to the wireless
RS-485 (Base). This allows a variety of configuration options to accommodate your particular needs.
* Range of 1.2 miles (2 kilometers) open air unobstructed view.

Typical Site for an AA128 System

Wireless system allows establishing communication between
up to 16 remote links per Wireless RS-485 (Base)

Agri-Alert™ Specification

Common to All Alarms

• Spike Block surge/lightning protection on all zone inputs and system outputs
• Outdoor temperature compensation feature available on all models
• Reliable rechargeable battery back-up
• Programmable alarm recall feature for acknowledged but unresolved alarms
• Self-diagnostics of complete system including wiring, sensors, outputs, fuses battery and more
• Independent output for a local siren or revolving light
• Non-volatile memory for all programmed parameters
• Security with up to 10 programmable user access codes
• Alarm memory log with time, user & date stamp
• Dialing of alarms to multiple phone numbers
• Built-in phone line seizure for added security
• Share phone line with other devices, no second line required
• Off-site phone-in capabilities for checking temperature and other system functions
• Moisture and dust-tight ABS enclosures for harsh environment locations
• All zones can be bypassed individually or in groupings
• Any zone can be configured for dry contact, temperature or burglary. AA 128 Touch zones can also be configured for 4-20 mA and 0-5V


EDGE is a single platform that is versatile and intuitive allowing it to handle all control applications. The unique design makes EDGE the only controller on the market that can be configured to match your operation’s specific requirements. It is also flexible enough to be adapted to new construction or existing system upgrades. Throughout your animals’ growth stages, you and EDGE are in control, managing and monitoring ventilation, cooling, heating, lighting, feeding and watering systems.

More than a product, EDGE™ is the next generation of controller, a platform designed to evolve and expand with you and your operation for years to come.


Navigation is easy with the large, 15” color touchscreen.
Everything is right in front of you for quick, easy navigation.


Should anything go wrong, the built-in self-diagnostics make
troubleshooting easy. Before you go flipping through a manual or
calling tech support, self-diagnostics can identify a number of


Each variable output and relay is equipped with a current
sensor, which allows the system to monitor electrical current.


Plug in an Ethernet cable and you are ready to take control of
the system from the comfort of your truck, office, couch, and
anywhere in between.


With EDGE, you have the power to control multiple barns or
rooms from a single controller using one interface. Consider a
typical sow farm operation with breeding and gestation, farrowing
and gilt development facilities. Historically, each room would
require a separate controller.




Actuated ceiling inlets available in a 2500 to 4000 CFM bidirectional or 2500 CFM
unidirectional model. Inlets are available with stainless steel or plastic housings.
• Delivers precise air speeds to enhance room air quality
• When connected to the EDGE® or Expert control system, ventilation rates adjust to the ventilation stage and temperature requirements
• Eliminates back drafts and heat loss
• Stainless steel inlets are insulated to help reduce condensation
• Hardware package & insulation stop with every inlet
• Pressure washer friendly

Actuated ceiling inlets include factory installed pulleys


The counterweighted baffle system allows the 12” baffle to become automatic without the use of mechanical static pressure control. Bi-flow ceiling inlets come in two sizes; 1000 CFM and 2700 CFM
• Opens automatically based off negative static pressure supplied by the exhaust fans
• Available in bi-fold or four sided models for ceiling inlets
• Available in top hinged counter balanced model for wall inlets
• Plastic and aluminium housing and doors for corrosion resistant lifespan
• Hardware package & insulation stop with every inlet
• Pressure washer friendly



PVC wall inlets are field cut to length on site allowing your system to be customized for a perfect fit every time. Panel dimensions are 1.5” thick x 30” tall x 24” long
• Delivers precise air speeds to enhance room air quality without chilling the pigs
• When connected to the EDGE® or Expert control system, ventilation rates adjust to the ventilation stage and temperature requirements of the room or barn
• Adapt to many installation configurations
• Pressure washer friendly
• Low maintenance with high dependability


Adjust-A-Baffle is constructed using one-inch thick polysterene with a rugged plastic coating fastened to UV stabilized PVC channels.
• Make any length possile in sizes 8”, 12”, 16”, 18” and 24”
• Flexible PVC hinge and sealing stip slide into the PVC channels
• Stainless steel cable or rod hardware packages available
• Pressure washer friendly

Maximum Inlets Per Actuator & Maximum Run Length

*For maximum accuracy limit run length to 150 ft

Rated Airflow – Door Opening Actuator Level

*Refer to actuator manual to set limit switches in the actuator for the proper amount of travel needed. If the pulley ratio is 1:1 the travel
needed in the actuator is the same as the maximum opening listed above. If the pulley ratio is 2:1 the travel needed in the actuator is
twice the maximum opening listed above

Inlet Rough Opening Specifications

Tension Spring Specifications (AP-2877)
Initial Length = 31 inches Full Extension = 57 inches
Initial Load = 19lbs Fll extension = 81 lbs


The SUPER-SAVER XL heating is a line of direct fired heaters that have model variations for both inside suspension hanging and outside mounting, The inside mount model is a gas circulating heater that’s dependability and rugged construction make it the ideal unit of confinement houses of all ages and classes of poultry. The outside mount models are forced air heaters that come complete with all relevant brackets and accessories for installation, its superior combustion is provided by clean, fresh outside air which insures healthy, safe heat for your poultry. All models are available with options for natural gas or liquid propane.

  • Hot surface and direct spark models avaiable 225,000 BTU.
  • High temp aluminized steel burn chamber.
  • Side swing door for easy acces and maintenance
  • Diagnostic lights for troubleshooting ease.
  • Standard adjustable “Y” heat deflector.
  • 1/3 HP totally enclosed thermally protected motor with sealed bearings.
  • Standard 1/2″ gas cock installed at gas valve.
  • Back-up safety sail switch
  • High limit safety switch (manual reset)
  • On/Off toggle switch
  • Service-Saver enclosed control box.

Universal Mount

New Style Hanging System

Super Saver Heater can be used for either inside
or outside mount applications.

the “SERVICE-SAVER” enclosed electrical control unit is sealed from debris such as dust and moisture and is accessible through a side swinging door making the unit easily field serviceable

A side wining door design gies EASY
ACCESS to internal components like
the “Super Saver” unit and blower
motor, making the easiest heater to
service in the market

The ELECTRONIC PSI IGNITION is standard on all Super-Saver heater models. The heating chamber is made of high temp aluminized steel for superior rust protection. The cast iron burners are enamel dipped to eliminate dust adhesion and rust. The air intake surrounding increases combustion and heat change efficiency

The Outside mount model is a forced air heater complete with all relevant installation hardware

The inside mount model is a gas circulating heater ideal for a confinement environment


With one of the lowest carbon monoxide outputs in the industry (CO emissions of 5 parts per million), Cumberland PuraFire
Heaters are able to produce 225,000 BTUH Per hour. Each heater is LP or nature gas compatible and can be mounted inside or
outside any house. These heaters are constructed of tough, rust-resistant galvanized steel for longevity and
Bottom-draw intake of PuraFire promotes a better control of the air flow into and throughout the entire unit and provides a more
efficient mix of air and gas. Cool air channeled along the inside casing, creates a buffer that makes the exterior casing safe to
touch. This air pattern results in a unique bent flame design, which greatly increases the flame’s surface area and heat chamber

• Consistent, clean burning source of warmth with near 100% fuel efficiency.
• Thermostat operated.
• Intelligent trouble-shooting safety features.
• In case of flame failure, automatic fan shut down stops drafts & gas control lockout prevents gas from  
• 30% gas saving vs conventional brooder.
• Bottom-draw for better air flow control.
•“Bent flame” design greatly increases flame surface area and heat chamber efficiency.
• Exterior surface is safe to touch.
•Motor assembly, blower, gas valve, control panel and other components are protected from moisture, dirt and      
  dust for longer lifespan.
•Swinging doors on each side allow access to all working parts.
•Even heat distribution.

Thermostats, Regulators and Hoses
PuraFire igniters are available with stainless steel casing.