Our plastic modular cage system is designed to give 100% washable components for total sanitation control.Cage wall partitions, front panel and stacking components are moulded from high density polypropylene plastic with high UV resistance which are free of corrosion.The modular cage system can be customized from single tier up to 4 tiers tall through the support of UltraGal corrosion resistance support conduit with 79% higher yield strength and 34% more tensile strength compared to normal galvanized support con-duit.

Egg collection system

Variable speeds control of egg collection and egg belt drive system can be adjusted to move the egg belts up to 300 cm per minute. A simplified timed egg loading system is designed to ensure eggs with perfect transfer. The open design system is to allow manure and dirt to be separated from eggs resulting cleaner and hygienic eggs. Overhead or in-floor cross conveyor is available with the system for transporting eggs onto a appropriate location or tenderized eggs room for collection.

Travel hopper feed dispenser

Heavy duty manure removal system

Individual removable oor mesh, ease for maintenance and replacement

Standard Width : 2.0 feet
Optional Width  :  2.5 feet

Single piece roll up door

Plastic wall partition with perforated holes for better air ow ventilation