To be a player in today’s international marketplace the modern pork producer needs a competitive edge. The efficiency of the modern
facility depends on many issues of which the efficiency and longevity of ventilation fans are a substantial part. When the design team at AP was given the challenge of developing a new fan line, three points were paramount. Performance, efficiency and longevity all needed to be maintained while keeping the price as competitive as possible. You will find the Performer Series ventilation fans have met and exceeded the goals set forth in this challenge. The progressive pork producer is the winner, with tremendous air output, extremely low power consumption and a warranty far beyond the competition’s. This package, combined with a very competitive price and AP’s reputation for service puts you in a much better position to compete in the world marketplace.

24″ fiberglass performer series fan without cone

24″ fiberglass performer series fan with cone



Our props are carefully balanced to provide smooth and efficient
operation. Constructed of an unbelievably strong composite
fiberglass blend, these props will outlast the competition’s made of
plastic, steel, or cast aluminum.


AP’s fan guard is made of heavy
steel with a baked on powder
coat finish.


A wide selection of both plastic and aluminum shutters are available.


The heart of the Performer Series is the specially engineered high efficiency fan motor. Unlike most of our competition that uses smaller 48 frame motors, AP uses the much larger 56 frame motor. This enables us to have much higher performance and efficiencies while allowing much cooler motor temperatures on variable speed applications. We have so much confidence in this motor that we warranty it for three full years.


The removable plastic cap at the rear of the motor houses the internal capacitor
which has been placed there to provide better aerodynamics and prevent moisture from entering through the top. By removing the plastic cap the whole rear of the motor is exposed allowing very easy access to the wiring terminals as opposed to the cramped area of most motors. The 5/B internal shaft offers the ability to use large bearings. These double sealed ball bearings are of the highest quality and will give many years of trouble free service.


Heavy 3/1 6″ all aluminum motor mounts
provide a ridged mount to help eliminate
vibration and will never rust. These mounts
tend to be much sturdier than the commonly
used thinner stainless steel mount.


Even a’double sealed bearing can have
water driven into it when a fan is running.
The slinger on the motor.shaft “tosses” the
moisture away into the airstream so it never
gets near the bearing.



Props made of a tough composite
fiberglass that are warranted for
a lifetime. The true airfoil design is
vital to the overall effectiveness of
the fan.


To characterize our drive train in one word would be “heavy”.
Drive shafts of ‘l ” material allow for larger cast iron pillow block
bearings to be used giving long life. Large pulleys allow for longer
belt life and better operation.


The belt driven fans offer an automatic belt tensioner that provides smooth operation and maintains constant belt tension. Features, include easy access for belt removal, fiberglass housing and cone, motor base and mounting hardware. Like all belt drive fiberglass fans, cast iron pulleys and greasable pillow block bearings are standard features.


Basic fan includes shutter, heavy powder coated guard, all aluminum
and stainless steel mounting hardware, and fiberglass housing with lifetime


All AP Performer Series belt drive fans come standard with an automatic
belt tightener. ALL BELTS STRETCH, the question is who checks
for slippage? Why spend big money on a high tech fan only to lose that
efficiency months later to improperly tightened belts?


Only 56 frame TEAO dual voltage motors are used in AP belt drive
fans. These motors are specially designed to match the propellers
and fan.


Optional discharge cones boosts fan output by as much as 15%
while also increasing efficiencies. Made of durable fiberglass the 36″ fan
comes in one piece and the 50″ model is in an easy to ship and assemble
three pieces.


CS541-NC Fan without discharge cone
Optional Quick-Lock Pit fan kit simplifies cleaning and maintenance

CS241-NC fan with optional
CS24-FTU Pit Fan Transition

Features Include:

Features Include:

• Durable and aerodynamic fiberglass housings backed by a
   limited life-time warranty
• Optional fiberglass discharge cones resist damage from
  snow and ice
• High efficiency five bladed propellers feature durable fiber
  reinforced nylon blades
• A high efficiency 1/3 HP motor
• Heavy gauge, corrosion resistant aluminum motor mount
• Stainless steel hardware
• PVC Shutter
• An optional winter closure panel

• A durable and aerodynamic fiberglass housing and discharge cone
backed by a limited life-time warranty.
• A high performance stainless steel propeller
• A high efficiency – 1.75 HP motor in
single or three phase
• An automatic belt tensioning system
• Heavy gauge, corrosion resistant
aluminum drive train support
• Stainless steel hardware
• PVC Shutter
• An optional winter closure panel

24″ Competitor Series Fan

54″ Competitor Series Fan


Whether winter or summer, your livestock need to have maximum comfort levels
to achieve optimum results. The AP Basket Fan series can aid in the bettering of
otherwise marginal environments. Be it high powered cooling, gentle circulation, or something in between, look to AP for the answer in circulation fans.


Used primarily for cooling, this fan produces 11,300 cfm at 0 SP The plastic orifice ring increases the throw because the air stream doesn’t spread as quickly as it would with an open wire basket. Flexibility in mounting allows for the direction of air where needed. AP’s 36″ basket fan is highly effective in reducing heat stress, therefore increasing rate of gain and feed conversion putting more money in the pocket of the producer,


The AP 24″ basket fan is designed for year round use.
This unit is often run slowly in the winter time to reduce heat stratification and “dead spots”. In the summer time, it serves as a high velocity cooling fan. With a vinyl coated guard, high efficiency motor and nearly 8,000 cfm of circulation, this is one of the best turbulence fan values on the market today.


Mini-Brute'” 10″ ventilation fans are smaller, more energy efficient fans designed for low air requirements, such as in small farrowing rooms and hot nurseries. Mini-Brute'” fans move lower volumes of air for less heat loss, use low h.p. motors and are reasonably priced which makes them very cost effective. They deliver more precise amounts of air under windy conditions than their larger counterparts.


There’s a simple, sensible and inexpensive means of ventilating
pits. Virtually all liquid manure storage pits are equipped with pump
out ports. For pump outs that do not extend into the manure, pump
out pit fans can be adapted to the ports. The pit fans are housed in foot-long, 10″ diameter PVC pipe and can be easily adapted to existing pump out ports. PVC pipe extensions and 45′ elbows are available as accessory items.

Tested by Bess Laboratories, University of Illinois.
Performance shown with guards and shutters in place (except with models DF-8 and DF-10 where shutters do not apply.


Panel fans are available in 14″,18″,,24′ or 36″ sizes with high efficiency motors for greater electrical economy. Tran torque bushing secures propeller to motor for greater gripping power. The fiberglass housing & propeller are combined with
an aluminum motor mount for a lifetime of performance. These fans are available with guards on the front rear, or both.



Minimize the effects of head winds with minimal sacrificing of fan performance.
AP’s wind diverters are inexpensive and simple to install. Wind deflector cones can be easily adapted to new or existing fans to improve the efficiency and performance of the total ventilation system.


The optional discharge cone for the Performer series fans is designed to increase airflow and efficiency by approximately 15%.


Designed for the coldest wdather, these insulated
panels seal out even the most extreme conditions
found during the winter.


Nature plays an important role in the normal operation of ventilation equipment. Every ventilation fan that must function in cold weather or strong winds should be equipped with a protective hood to allow proper operation. All weather
fan hoods save energy costs by enabling fans to perform more efficiently. Constructed of fiberglass for long life, these hoods permit low RPM fans to deliver rated CFM volume. Fan hoods are available in sizes to fit 14″ to 24″ fans.


The Transit Tub is ideal for confinement installations where a full pit waste system is planned. Made of rugged fiberglass that is guaranteed for life, the Transit Tub™ fits fans from B” to 24″. Installation is simple: leave an opening in the masonry foundation of the pit, attach the Transit Tub™ to the pit wall and building wall and install the ventilation fan. An optional quick attach fan mounting kit is available.


Pit fan transition units convert 14u,1Bu and 24″ Performer Series wall fans to deep pit ventilation fans used to remove dangerous gases from buildings
with inside manure storage. These corrosion proof units are constructed of heavy duty poly for years of trouble free service. The quick attach fan mounting hardware allows the fan to be removed quickly and easily for regular cleaning
to keep fans operating at peak performance.


Our all-aluminum shutter is unequaled in the industry today. There are no steel parts to rust, while the only non-metallic parts on the shutter are nylon washers and sleeves. The nylon sleeves are self lubricating and only need to be cleaned
to be functional. The most unique feature of the all-aluminum back-draft shutter is is ability to move to a full-open position. This is accomplished by putting the shutter blade pivot pins in a off-center position. Other shutter blades are hinged at the top of each blade which does not permit full opening and thus creates shutter drag on the motor. Also available is the Motor Operator Shutter. This heavy-duty shutter is equipped with a damper motor and chain assembly to withstand prolonged periods of use. The motor operated shutter will remain in the full open position without stealing horsepower from the fan.


Factory installed pulleys


ACI actuated ceiling inlets combined with an Expert Controller provide precise control over the introduction of fresh air. The insulated stainless steel housing makes this inlet the most durable air inlet on the market. The actuation hardware is premounted to speed installation and insure consistent operation of all inlets. ACI inlets are available in a 4000 CFM bi-directional or a 2500 CFM uni-directional model. These inlets are available in both stainless steel or plastic housings.


The BIL 3000 and 4000 inlets are second stage shutter type air inlets to be used in hallway to room application. As second stage inlets, they do not open until the first stage ceiling inlets are operating well. When they open the air is first directed upward then gradually moves horizontally.


The counterweighted baffle system allows the 12″ baffle to become automatic without the use of a static pressure control. This system is ideal for use in areas like pre-heated hallways, etc. Specifications: 3,000 CFM R.O. 46 1/2″ W x 13 1/2″ H


This ceiling inlet made of ABS plastic can be used year round. As a result of the inlet being four sided, room temperature is more consistent and air distribution is improved. The C2000 is insulated, therefore reducing condensation. Operating automatically off of the negative pressure supplied by the exhaust fans eliminates the need for manual controls, cables or pulleys. Pressure washing is simple with the all plastic construction.

Laminated Baffle


Each unit has a high quality plastic housing. The PVC coated polyurethane baffles and stainless steel hardware make this a totally corrosion-proof piece of equipment that will stand up to frequent wash downs.
These bi-flow inlets come in two sizes; 1000 CFM and 27OO CFM. Adjustable locking lever allows the unit to be shut off or restricted as needed. This inlet is designed to have air travel along the ceiling in winter, yet have the ability to be directed at the livestock in the summer. lnstallation stops are included to make framing easy.


From the originators of the plastic adjustable air baffle comes the finest most versatile baffle type air delivery system available. One-inch thick polystyrene with a rugged plastic coating fastened to UV stabilized PVC channels make any size a possibility. A flexible PVC hinge and sealing strip slide into the PVC channel making installation a snap. Adjust-A-Baffle” is available in 8″, 10′, 12′, 16u, 18u,.20″ and 24″ sizes.


Komfort Kooler systems utilize the natural cooling effect of evaporation to com- EVAPORATIVE bat seasonal dips in production caused by heat stress. AP offers two different styles of Komfort Koolers. The Closed Top System has been an industry favorite for many years. Made of ultraviolet stabilized PVC, this system offers great durability and longevity. In addition, a new and rapidly growing Open Top System is available. This design offers the grower easy access to manage and maintain their evaporative cooling system and utilizes a combination of PVC and the highest quality of stainless steel for years of dependable operation. Komfort Kooler Systems will adapt to new and existing facilities.

Closed Top System


Made of high quality stainless steel, this system will give years of dependable operation under the harshest conditions. The Open Top design allows you to see the water jets and easily check water pressure. It also offers access to the spray bar for cleaning. Pre-punched and heavy duty stainless steel components help simplify installation


CLOSED TOP DESIGN The Closed Top system is extruded from ultraviolet stabilized PVC for durability and ease of installation. The hinge-open cover and
thumbscrews allows accessibility to spray bar and holds pads firmly in place. The spray bar bracket and water deflector insure pads are uniformly wet.


AP’s pre-formed square trough serves as a 3 gallon per lineal foot (44.8 liters per meter) water reservoir. Constructed of corrosion proof, ultra-violet stabilized PVC components, the trough allows unevaporated water to be recirculated back to the holding tank. A perforated tray snaps to the trough to *hold pads firmly in place. Injection molded end caps and couplers speed installation.


. A roto-molded holding tank offers increased water storage capacity.
. Submersible pump keeps water levels consistent for efficient water delivery.
. Automatic float valve for matching water supply with water demand.
. Easy removal of pads for cleaning.
. Wide selection of cooling pads to choose from.  Trough support brackets for suspending the system on the sidewall, and Center Feed Kits for longer cooling systems are optional.


Protect the health of your investment with a properly controlled curtain system- Wide changes in the environment just don’t fly with today’s modern genetics. The
combination of several different types of dependable drive units and a wide variety of versatile environmental controls, give you the edge to achieve excellent herd heahh.


The newly designed Curtain Controller is a screw driven automated curtain machine with a heavy duty 15, 30 or 60 RPM, 115 VAC motor.
Multi-directional, frame mounted, header pulleys and latch out assembly is standard on all machines. Thermostat controls, electronic controls
and extra bracket kits are sold separately.

Adjustable latch out switches can be installed in multiple locations to energize and de-energize a variety of equipment.

Polyethylene pulley covers help stop the elements from entering
through the area around the pulleys.

The Curtain Controller drive block assembly features
a nylon insert in a hear,y-duty powder coated weldment The removable nylon insert
simplifies maintenance, decreases friction and provides wear characteristics superior to conventional brass drive block. UHMW polyethylene
guide wheels insure smooth travel, proper alignment
and stability of the drive block in the machine.

Isolated primary and secondary limit switches
allow for back-up protection. New one-piece,
galvanized, lift-off cover makes for ease of service.
Plastic water resistant junction box is accessible
from the outside of the curtain controller.

Optional shaft mounted potentiometer provides an
accurate and immediate signal to indicate movement and position of the drive. the potentiometer can be wired to an Expert Ventilation Control to allow precise control of air inlets or curtains  based on temperature rather than static pressure.



The 511 series is designed to be used with the latest in electronic controls. The internal timer has been removed allowing the newer electronic controls to fully
utilize their electronic timers. The 511 series comes in two models; the 51 1 is the standard drum unit, while the 5.1 1S incorporates a sprocket drive configuration. Both of these machines employ the Auto Curtain’s standard of excellence, durability and performance.


Heavy duty galvanized steel construction features
sealed needle bearing pulleys, anti-wrap design and
plated fasteners for ease of installation.


The Auto-Air Actuator gives precise control of automated air inlets or baffles. This powerful unit features 24″ of travel and 700 pound lift capacity. The actuators internal potentiometer communicates with any Airstream control through the PF-6 inlet positioning module. The PF-6 and Auto-Air Actuator work together to adjust to the correct air inlet position for all stages of ventilation providing optimum environmental control.

Quick Disconnect Cords


Operates curtains on a cable system by winching cable around a grooved drum controlled by a thermostat and timer. The model 5065 version uses a sprocket and chain drive (instead of drum) turning a pipe that runs the length of the building pulling the curtain or door drop cords directly around the pipe eliminating the need for cable (operates same as 506).


The SP-2 reads the static pressure in the room and adjusts any three wire drive unit until it reaches your preset requirement. With an adjustable time delay,
manual adjustment and a high and low pressure alarm, this static pressure control is as complete as they get



Getting heat where you want it can be difficult. one way is to use Re-Verber-Ray
Infrared by AP Infrared heat emulates the true efficiency of the sun. It generates
energy that is converted into heat when absorbed by objects like floors and animals The energy is then re-radiated to warm the surrounding area by convection. This is the most efficient method of heating many swine facilities’ Allowing heat to be directed straight to the animals allows them to find their own
comfort zone either closer to or farther away from the heater according to their
preference. This obviously reduces stress and allows for better pig performance.
Heating starts at the floor level reducing the ambient temperature needed to keep animals comfortable. Therefore, reducing fuel bills. Heavy duty control and burner unit in stainless steel enclosure, using

Heavy duty control and burner unit in stainless steel
enclosure, using outside air for combustion.


The unique two stage burner adapts to varying conditions providing a more consistent comfort zone with fewer off cycles. Units operate at low fire the
majority of the time for improved energy efficiency. High fire mode provides reserve heating capability when conditions require.

. Two-Stage Technology
. Fuel savings
. Faster heat loss recoveries
. lmproved comfort levels
. Reduction in equipment cycles
. Design protection benefits.

PuraFire heaters, including all components and sub components, are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a one-year period from the date of installation.
Warning: Do not use this heater in an improperly ventilated
area or where liquids with flammable vapors are
stored or used.


These heavy-duty heaters provide a consistent, clean-burning and fuel efficient
source for heat in any type of confinement installation. With near 100% efficiency, these thermostatically operated heaters use less energy to yield greater BTUs with one of the lowest CO outputs in the industry. Choose from two models: the CBOvariable output (40,000 to 80,000 BTUH) and the C225 (225,OO0 BTUH) unit. Each heater is LP or natural gas compatible and can be mounted inside or outside any confinement house.


Mounting heaters on the outside of nursery and farrowing buildings saves space and head room in crowded hall ways. Occasionally, snow or rain can cause outdoor mounted heaters to fail when you need them the most. This recirculating out door heater mounting kit allows you to choose between inside or outside combustion air to keep your heaters functioning properly in all weather conditions.


PuraFire’s fast-acting 24 volt electronic ignition energizes in just ten seconds. This eliminates unpredictable pilot light flames, as well as the inconvenience of having to clean pilots or restart them with a match. Plus, a stainless steel casing protects the igniter from damage and excessive heat exposure. PuraFire’s bottom-draw intake better controls the air flow into and throughout the entire unit and provides a more efficient mix of air and gas. Cool air, channeled along the inside casing, creates a buffer that keeps the outside cooler (not hot to the touch). This air pattern results in a unique bent flame design, which greatly increases the flame’s surface area and heat chamber efficiency.


Consistent, clean burning source of warmth with near 100% fuel efficiency
• Thermostat operated
• Intelligent trouble-shooting safety features
• In case of flame failure, an automatic fan shut down stops drafts & gas control lockout prevents gas from escaping
• Bottom-draw intake better controls air flow. )
• “Bent flame” design greatly increases flame surface area & heat chamber efficiency

• Outside is not hot to the touch
• Motor assembly, blower, gas valve, control panel & other components are protected from moisture, dirt & dust
• Swinging doors on each side allow access to all working parts

The PuraFire and Tube
Heaters are CSA Certified.

PuraFire igniters are made
with stainless steel casings.


The Expert line of ventilation controls offers the professional producer precise control and monitoring of environment, feeding and watering. These versatile controllers can be custom configured to meet the specific requirements of your facilities and production practices.

Expert Controls Standard Features

• Zoning of heaters, inlets and circulation fans with up to six inside temperature sensors
• Power save feature, allows smaller less efficient fans to be switched off as the temperature rises
• Air inlet and curtain out puts using potentiometer feed back
• Set point and minimum ventilation curves
• Upload/download chip to duplicate programming of multiple controls
• Seamless ventilation steps between stages when using variable speed fans
• Seperate day/night minimum ventilation settings
• Up to two timed out puts for feed systems, water or lights
• Alarm that monitors up to ten functions
• Cooling stage with cycle timer
• Clean mode with soaking stage
• Removable relays with individual indicator lights and on/off auto switches
• Overload and over voltage protection
• Full speed start up on variable fan stages
• Records heater run time up to seventy-five days
• Records rum time of up to four feed systems for up to seventy-five days
• Records high and low temperature history for up to seven days
• Records animal count, age and mortality

Expert Controls Standard Features

• Humidity sensor input – Compensates heaters, minimum ventilation rate based on humidity. Records humidity history for up to seven days
• Static Pressure input – Compensates inlets according to static pressure.
• Records static pressure history for up to seven days
• Outside temperature sensor with compensation
• Water meter input – Gives alarm in event of water spill
• Records water consumption history for up to seventy five days
• Up to two additional variable speed fan or electric heat stages using 0-1 0 volt output


Airstream TC5 series ventilation controls are sophisticated yet simple to program and operate. You probably have never imagined that this many features could be available at such a reasonable price. These controls are designed and manufactured for specific applications such as natural, tunnel or power/natural ventilation. your AP dealer can assist you in selecting the perfect control to meet your requirements.


The “Mini” Expert line of controls offers many of the features of the
Expert series of controls at a price
comparable to the TC5 Series.
“Mini” Experts are ideal for farrowing
and nursery rooms requiring
precise control of environment.

Added Features Include

• Button style user interface
• Seamless ventilation steps between variable speed stages
• Internal air inlet output using potentiometer feed back
• Outside temperature compensation for alarm settings
• Records and displays heater run time for six days
• Input for water meter to record six days usage
• Upload / download chip for duplicating and storing settings
• Day and night set points

TC5 Standard Features

• Up to four temperature sensors averaging temperature
• High/low temperature registration
• Set point and minimum ventilation curves
• Overload and over voltage protection
• Zoned or cascading heat stages
• Alarm out put
• De-icing cycle on second stage
variable fans

TC5 Controllers Optional Features

• Humidity sensor input
• Air inlet control using PF-6 inlet position module and potentiometer


Airstream controllers, timers, and monitors can be linked together and monitored from a PC on site or remotely via a modem. our Agnet software package allows you to make changes to ventilation control and timer parameters, monitor current environmental conditions, data log and chart historical information. The software utilizes pull down menus and dialog boxes to make it simple to operate.